Christchurch Alternative Education, 2018

 About AE in Christchurch 2018

Cashmere High school (CHS) holds the contract with the Ministry of Education to deliver Alternative Education (AE) to 120 students in the Christchurch Secondary Schools Consortium. CHS has contracted a number of programme providers.  The Whanau AE Providers cater for Year 10 students while the Vocational Pathways AE Providers cater for Year 11 students and those ready for their programmes.  The AE Manager places the student into the most appropriate programme and students can move from a Whanau provider to a Vocational Pathways Provider.

Students placed in AE must be on the roll of one of the Christchurch schools who have signed up with CHS and the MoE and they must be verified as eligible for AE by the AE Manager and the MoE through an application process.

Those students currently not on a school roll (for example those who are with the K3 attendance service as a NEN case) must be enrolled in a school.  The school then provides the student with a programme and where necessary at a latter date applies to the AE Manager for placement into AE.

Students who have been in AE programmes in other parts of NZ must be enrolled in a Christchurch school and verified as eligible for AE by the AE Manager and the MoE.

A placement in Alternative Education means the student learning occurs in an environment other than the school the student is enrolled at. The small group situation involves goal setting, literacy, numeracy, special interest areas, awards, and credits on the National Qualifications Framework. 

The AE programme is delivered each week of the school term.

Placement into an AE programme is short term.  Each case is connsidered on its merits.

Successful outcomes include into a mainstream school programme; placement in a youth guarantee course; dual enrolment in a secondary school and a trades academy; and employment.

Student Verification Criteria for Alternative Education

To be eligible for Alternative Education, students must be deemed eligible by the AE Manager.  (The MoE has oversight of these decisions)

Eligibility applications using the form below (T1) must be submitted to the AE Manager by the School AE Contact Person. 

Once a student has been deemed eligible, two meetings are convened prior to the setting of a start date with an AE Provider. The second meeting is held at the provider’s site.

Promises made to students regarding placement in AE and in  a particular AE programme by anyone other than the AE Manager serve to mislead and/or give the student inappropriate hope.

The providers of Whanau Alternative Education programmes (WAEP) are:

  1. Kimihia Adventure Programme (KAP) governed by the Trust with the same name.
  2. Te Kaupapa Whakaora (TKW) governed by Te Ora Hou
  3. Te Kupenga o Aranui (TKA) governed by the Trust with the same name
  4. Tumanako governed by Youth South West Christchurch Trust
  5. 180 Degrees governed by the 180 Degrees Trust

The providers of Vocational Pathways Alternative Education programmes (VPAEP) are:

  1. Southern Institute of Technology (SIT)
  2. Vision College
  3. National Trades Academy (NTA)
  4. Avonmore
  5. NZ Institute of Sport (NZIS)
  6. Academy 
  7. Others to be added to this list as and when is appropriate

Achievements in recent years

See report cards for 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 under attachments below.


The Christchurch Secondary Schools Alternative Education is managed by Arthur Sutherland.

See the attachments below for a number of useful documents including Getting started in AE (AA1), The verification application form (T1) and the AE membership (AA3). The latter includes the schools, the providers and the membership of the advisory group.